Friday, October 19, 2018

How to Prepare for the Holidays

IT'S ALMOST CHRISTMAS!!! Yes, yes, I know we haven't hit Thanksgiving or even Halloween for that matter... but it just goes to show how quickly time flies.

Clothes are the easiest route to go for making the holiday transition. Think of "ugly Christmas sweaters", cheesy T-shirt Halloween costumes, and ties with Turkeys on them. Once you pop that on, you are one with the Holiday... and clean up is a cinch! Take your shirt off!!

If you have bought the Snitch Splat, or one of the Unbreakable HP Wands it's time to give these #FunnyShirt guys a looksee. In this world of cult TV shows you can make this your first stop shop. With Halloween so close, they have plenty of items that would work as a last-ditch costume.

This site has plenty of appeal from Comedy Central today to SNL back in the 80's, so dive on in!

Using Direct-To-Garment (gives opportunity to print high detail) printing on quality blends you get great results from ClownSick without worrying about fading and shrinkage (unlike swimming in an icy pool).

For a quick costume slip-on, here are a few Harry Potter themed shirts that'd be fun in a pinch:
And each of these can be yours for just about $20!
If something this easy is not your thing, there's always using a giant yoga ball as a form to make a big cartoony head and build up paper mache around it! ( Instructable link , Wikipedia link , Kids how-to )

As well as a slew of shirts, there are also items for the rugrats! No more dressing your crawlers up as Snails or Turtles!! Show them for what they really are, cute little guys or gals that just happen to crap in their own pants still...

These onesies are unfortunately not available in adult size... yet. BUT they are quite affordable!! And make your kids ( or your friends kids ) look like little comedians...gotta start 'em young, right? (available in sizes ranging from 6 months old to 24 months old)

If you happen to be feeling "Goofy", or just like to be comfortable, the socks are quite nice:

 So whether you're looking for yourself or your friends, creative clothing is always a great way to get noticed, especially during the holidays. Something different and seldom seen that draws the eye and still provides comfort. Look good this Holiday season! Get comfortable in some new clothes! Happy Halloween, Thanksgiving, MERRY CHRISTMAS, and a Happy New Year!

So get yourself ready for the holidays with some creative clothing!

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Get ClownSick!!

Whether you're looking for a gift for a friend or loved one, a White Elephant party gift or something "different", ClownSick has intriguing items for all.

In the world of cult TV show art you should make this your first stop. This week we will check out the goods from the wacky world of WNYX. This site has plenty of appeal from Comedy Central today to SNL from the 80's, so dive on in. Using Direct-To-Garment (DTG) printing on quality blends you get great results from ClownSick without worrying about fading and shrinkage.
Newsradio fans will recognize the updated take on "Macho Business Donkey Wrestler".
The V-neck comes in white, charcoal, & red and sells for merely $18.50. Take THAT old Jimmy book!
Still in the V-Neck family, but with a more faded look, is the "Bill McNeal Special". If you're a fan of the more vintage look, for $24.95 the Bill MicV-Neck is all yours!!

Bill Mic - V-Neck
This little number is ONLY available in white, BUT can be found in sizes ranging from XS to 2XL.

Next up are two that constantly butt-heads, Bill & Dave. Each of these shirts are around $26 and feature their cartoony selves on the front along with some "words of wisdom". The left shoulders feature the WNYX logo, and the back has individual icons for each character (THE cane for Bill, and mug for Dave...of course).

 Bill and Dave logo tees
Both of these shirts can be purchased in "every shade of blue" as Dave would say (that would be Royal Blue-anyone ever see 'Rain Man'?) to brown and black.

If you happen to be feeling "Goofy"...or have been drinking, there are the Goofy Ball Socks, and the Rocket Fuel Malt Liquor Socks. A fine addition to anyone with a taste for silly socks! These colorful, comfortable, and sturdy socks are sold for $15.95 a pair.
If you happen to know anyone with a new baby, this next one is for you...or them rather. The Stinkbutt onesie available in sizes ranging from 6 months old to 24 months old! Unfortunately after that age they'll have to just start wearing real clothes...
Stinkbutt Onsie
So for only $23.50 you can remind your friend or loved one that the little bundle of joy they've got in their arms is a ticking timebomb waiting to explode.
So if you're putting together a bundle of WNYX Newsradio-type gifts, there's one more item to add... the Yellow Mug of Power!! Some amazing creations can be found at a very affordable price on Amazon and ETSY.
(image courtesy of SKMD Accessories)
Amazon's Choice for WNYX mug happens to be this one sold by SKMD Accessories for $12(seen above). I have yet to see one of better quality. For slightly less, you can purchase through ETSY at ChooChoo8MitMit for $10 per mug (seen below).
(image courtesy of ChooChoo8MitMit)
So get yourself ready for the holidays with some creative clothing!

Friday, July 27, 2018

Newsradio Episodes : Nightmares/Dreams

"It's so hottt..." In my case it was pretty cool. But that was because I was still in bed, it's been suuuper hot in TX this week...talking 110F, I couldn't sleep though. I wouldv'e loved to be having a nightmare at that moment! That would mean I'd been able to drift back into that wonderful state of R.E.M.!
                                                Shark, i
                                                  What's your favorite animal? ...The previous are the answers I was given by my young niece and nephew. More likely the reactions I feel I wouldv'e been given by "Beth" or "Matthew". Granted, they were watching a "Top 10..." YouTube video (my niece made sure I knew it was a "video" and NOT a show...not quite sure what the explicit difference is) mostly about sharks and barely gave my question notice. I feel like these answers just might change based on what they've been up to that day...
Please excuse me if this seems to have turned into a rambling discourse on the inadequacy of random things I see at my desk, such as "Microphones! Why do they have to be so close to your face?!", that was Bill McNeal... I guess mine would have to be,"Keyboards! Why do they have to be so close to your fingers?!" Also! What's the deal with all of the excess buttons on the keyboard? Are we all supposed to be computer programmers or hackers? And if so, why haven't we designed a much more efficient keyboard?! I NEVER use my "function" keys (on purpose) nor do I use "Home, End, Page Up/Down, Insert, Pause/Break, Prt Scr/SysRq, or Scroll Lock! I only ever use the keypad when using the calculator (which is not often) because when working in the laboratory at the FritoLay HQ I had to input quite a bit of numerical data and that was most efficient...
So, I guess what this is (other than rambling discourse, again) is a p[lea...I never use that one either...the brackets, uggggh. AS BEFORE! IT IS A PLEA! A plea for a more efficient keyboard yes that will make this a great world for alll to livce (stupid "c") in! Yes that...and more sleep, especially when waking up and all you wanted to do was check the 3D Printer and start up a new print then go swiftly back to sleep, sneaking back under the covers like a ninja, having your head bombarded with sheep till drifting off to dreamland.... ahhh. 
SO, in summation, with no further digression, I just might break my keyboard, or perhaps just "pop off" all of those unwanted little buttons, and maybe try to watch Newsradio allll Friday long.

If you ARE NOT looking for pointless dribble, like the above, feel free to check out these links for my Newsradio game and the more recent HarryPotter Adventure Game! We do most of our work in-house (we are artists after all) and it takes quite a bit of effort and mental strain not to beat each other up! BUT... if not for the love of art, God, & country...then what else? Oh yeah! Family too! Can't forget them, lots and lots of wonderful family! Thanks!

Monday, July 16, 2018

Hogwarts Trunks & Board Game!

(customizable lid)

     And here we have THE board game!
It's summertime and it's HOT, so get 5 of your most faithful friends, some ice-cold Butterbeers and your copy of the HP Adventure Game!
You can see my copy here, complete with "Property Cards"--different places throughout the world you purchase with your stacks of coinage! I personally enjoy trying to buy up all of the Inns & Pubs before my brother does or using the IMPERIO curse card to send my buddy somewhere he doesn't wanna go, heheh.

Also, there are the "Daily Prophet Cards" (where one might find IMPERIO)--these cards could be equated to mixing up the chance and community chest cards in a Monopoly game. There are also some "attack", "defense", and cures for potential petrification.
Here I have provided you with some lovely photos of the whirly-twirly pathway of the board itself! You get to start out at the massive Bank of good ol' Gringott, then mosey on through Diagon Alley...then on through Little Whinging & the Dursleys!

Next stop is King's Cross, and on to Hermione's House, then Harry's Uncle's place at No.12 Grimmauld Place, after is a quick trip to the Burrow & the Weasley's...
...the Hogsmeade Station & its surrounding Village. Before Entering each of the Common Rooms, you hit-up Hagrid at his Hut, then last of all...

...the evil seclutionists at Malfoy Manor! All in between, you can find Daily Prophet Papers scattered about, St. Mungo's Hospital, the Ministry of Magic, and Dervish & Banges! As you play, piles of coins will stack into the sky on the Quidditch Pitch to win...but, "there can be only ONE"!

Tiny Hogwart Castles & Hagrid Huts are provided along with many, many coins. There are also 2 versions of player pieces! The Originals and the Horcruxes! In the original pack you will find: Spell Books, the Elder wand, the Sorting Hat, a cauldron, a stamped Letter, a Nimbus2000 Broom, & in ETSY orders...a vial of Felix Felicis!In the Horcrux pack you find: Tom Riddle's Diary(w/ tooth), the lost Diadem of Ravenclaw, the Snake Nagini, Hufflepuff's Cup, the Ring of Marvolo Gaunt, and the Locket of Salazar Slytherin.

Full color instructions themed to play, a pair of dice (one gold for the Snitch, the other brown for the Quaffle), and even and solid resealable container are included for all of the cards!

"QuickPlay" instructions are provided in the form of a separate sheet designed in the format of the most-evily restrictive Proclamations from the "wonderful" Dolores Umbridge :(
(case for cards, "snitch"&"Quaffle" dice, & instruction)
Hope you enjoy the game as much as I do!

Monday, December 4, 2017

GoFund... Harry Potter ?

     Time for a quick update! So it's been almost a month, and the only GoFundMe donation has come from myself...HOWEVER, we are slowly but surely making progress. We have started taking pre-orders on our Hogwart's Tower game, as well as our Monopoly-style game. Both of which are composed of original art, 3D modeled Castles, huts, various coins, and asundry other items featured in the books.

    Size and cost has been playing a factor in the workshop, as finances are limited it is difficult to hire extra staff which is especially needed during the Christmas rush. Our current 3D printers have been running nearly 24/7 and one of them is if anyone out there has repair experience in the 3D Printer department in the DFW area the help would be much appreciated. On a more positive note, NEEDING to hire MORE employees is a good indicator that business is busy! Our daily strive for excellence and something new, different, more creative than before is part of what this fundraiser is about...Keene/FX being able to thrive in the North Texas area, and hopefully one day beyond, is key to showing minds, young and old, that art has quality. Art can require an abstract thinker to view unmade things in mental space, transfer them to digital space and build them in the physical space; or an intelligently communicative mind to translate computer code in a manner similar to a foreign language, or even simply KNOWING how the seemingly mundane paint will act when applied to different surfaces. These different avenues of expression are an outlet that I believe people NEED to experience, whether it be directly or indirectly.

    Well, enough of me going on about why I think YOU should help build Keene/FX and be a part of our creative experience. Merry Christmas to all, Happy New Year, don't forget to donate and check out our ETSY shops. God Bless!

(Snitch splat-left, Wrapped coins-top, Knuts/Sickles/Galleons-center)

ETSY @ KeeneFX

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Chests for GAME of THRONES!!!

Do you have GAME of THRONES stuff? Is it just too awesome to leave lying around? Do you some amazing display case for your Dragon Eggs or GoT books?

Check out ChooChoo8MitMit store on ETSY! Here are just a couple of your favorite pals:

So whether you want something for yourself, or your looking for that present that you just haven't found anywhere else... check it out, it's worth it!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

WNYX the Board Game UPDATED!!!

     For all those out there that enjoyed late 90s TV sitcoms and hilarious actors like Phil Hartman, Dave Foley, Steven Root and the like... it's been different over the years. Things have changed...just a bit.

     There is a Newsradio board game out there, along with the radio shows, cartoons, and random memes that one can come across. The board game was recently updated and currently sells on ETSY and AMAZON. Here are some pics!

 (Pictured above is the full setup: tiny radios, 8 different player tokens, Memo cards, Complaint Box cards, Trivia cards, Character cards, & of course the board itself) 

(Above you can see closeups of all the card decks used in the game)

(Above are pictures of each of the characters used during Mr. James?)

     If you have followed this game at all you will have noticed some improvements in card and player token construction. Also, in regards to "Jimmy", he and "Bill's cane" play a part in the Advanced Play set of instructions where each player draws a random "Jimmy card" at the start of their turn providing them with a "Happy Jimmy", "Sad Jimmy", "Neutral Jimmy", or "Bill's Cane". Each of these provide something specific for that turn.

     Well, that's all I have so far, other than you can buy specific "bundles" of the game from the ChooChoo8MitMit ETSY site...gotta love options.

How to Prepare for the Holidays

IT'S ALMOST CHRISTMAS!!! Yes, yes, I know we haven't hit Thanksgiving or even Halloween for that matter... but it just goes to show...